“Laboratorio Falco Dolů” by Luca Trabanelli  
  Painting with Fire (PWF) is the name given to an art process and form that uses an immersion process for creating torch fired enamel jewelry. Flame painting a glazed piece of pottery creates exquisite designs. There are at least two flame methods: open and kiln. Both use a flame to do the work, the open method uses a torch while the kiln method uses a pottery oven. The flames dance across the piece producing color variations and exquiste designs in the patterns. Flame painting pottery produces designs that collectors have found fascinating from ancient times until this day.
We are focusing upon an incredibly talented artist named Luca Trabanelli. Recently, we spoke to Luca about his artwork.
Q. What made you interested to create your art?
Luca. First of all, I would like to say that torching-fired enamel metals is an ancient technique, coming from thousands of years before Christ. Indeed, this kind of metals can be found in museums and in old literature. In my case, I believe that this type of art is therapeutic both because I believe that art is therapeutic in general and in particular since the objects that I create are made in cupper, a metal that also in the past was considered to be therapeutic for the people and the ambient.
Q. Who was the person who encouraged and mentored you?
Luca. The artist who introduced me to the torching-fired enamel cupper technique is the Master Giovanni de Falco known as Nino. A man that I met several years ago, working on a health-solidarity project for Africa. In the following years I used to meet him occasionally, in the streets of our neighborhood or during the main art exposition occurring in our surroundings. A manifestation of art, artists and art-lovers that occurs every year the first weekend of July in Penasca (S. Fermo, Varese, Italy).
Across the years, during these manifestations to whom I took part with my artistic production signed Luca Trabanelli, our friendship and reciprocal admiration started to enhance and led to his invitation to follow him for learning this technique and for having the complete access to his home/art studio.
I am interested in making any object my inspiration suggests me. I make sculptures, jewels and a lot of other trinkets. Every object is studied as it was a prototype. I am interested in presenting every piece of work as a unique, independent piece. Of course I don’t exclude the possibility to make objects in series, in collaboration with “Laboratorio Falco Dolú”, even if in this case the objects would lose the magic of being unique. Despite that, I am convinced that, the study and the research necessary to realize those objects, would stimulate me as also they were prototypes.
The pieces of art signed “Laboratorio Falco Dolú” are realized completely by hand, as if each one were a painting or a sculpture. By combining the concept expressed above of prototype with the research needed to create the unique right design, one may understand what my concept of “Design and Handmade” is. So that my signature is: “Laboratorio Falco Dolú. Design and Handmade. Uniques and Exclusive Pieces. Made in Italy”.
During my artistic path I met either admiration or criticisms from a lot of different people. I have always believed that an artist must be independent from whatever opinion, either positive or negative. Judgements are part of the chatting of the people. An artist has to create what he feels inside without being influenced from whatever judgments.
Q. Being an artist is difficult. There is always the expression, “starving artist” that I am sure is the expression that every artist wants to forget. In difficult times, What do you do when things seem impossible?
Luca. What do I do when the reality is hard? Just smile, and go ahead.